Investing Lessons From Freedom Fighters

Visions of the freedom fighters are analogous to economy

Several freedom fighters have dedicated their life for the sake of the betterment of the country. And as a result of that, we finally got our independence from the colonial trap of the British. Each and every drop of our freedom fighter signifies their intense love for the country. We may have got the freedom, but we still carry the burden of that scar in our soul.

Well, apart from just giving us the liberty from the colonial rule of the British, our freedom fighters have delivered us some other visions as well, which we can relate with our life. They showed us the path in the field of politics, civil society, family as well as our financial establishments. To be more precise, our freedom was not confined to liberal freedom but the โ€˜financial freedomโ€™ as well. If you can dig a bit deeper, you can extract some financial lessons from the views of our freedom fighters.

Here, we are going to have a precise discussion about some of the financial lessons, which has been delivered by our greatest freedom fighters.

Maulana Azad-It is necessary to dream if you want them to come trueMaulana Abdul Kalam Azad

The inception of the freedom is the brain child of several leaders like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, DadabhaiNaorji and Gopal Krishna Gokhale. Today we snatched our freedom from the British because they dreamt about the golden consequences of the freedom of India. Without dreaming, it would have been an impossible job. Later on, other freedom fighters took over the dream and accomplished it with utmost efficiency. This concept works for your financial dreams as well. You have to dream about it first and visualize your financial goals. After that you can accomplish the desired results. Thus, construct a bellicose dream and give the required effort to achieve it.

Babasaheb Ambedkar-Disseminate your idea regularly like you water your plant regularly

Baba Saheb Ambedkar

If you can broaden you vision a bit, you will find out that this timeless quote has two perceptions, when it comes to financial vision. First of all, you need to circulate the idea of financial freedom in your internal circuit. And you need to comprehend that financial freedom comes from expense planning and budget management. Try to build the confidence amongst your family members and make them understand visualize the concept of yours. Or else, it will be hard for you to establish the desired financial freedom. Secondly, envisage this matter from the point of view of a financial advisor. Financial freedom has surely some amazing benefits unless you are propagating it in a right way. Otherwise it will not harvest the anticipated result.

Mahatma Gandhi-They will ignore you first, then they will mock you, then they will fight you and finally you win

Mahatma Gandhi

No one other than Mahatma Gandhi can put forward such a complicated ideology, in such a simple manner. This is the best part about Gandhi. You have to follow this idea in each and every stratum of your life, when you will budget your expenditures. You have to forget and get rid of the materialistic comforts from your life. To move a step ahead towards your financial freedom, you have to make sure of the fact. Another thing, which you have to keep in mind, is to ignore the unwanted influences of the outsiders. They will try their best to judge you and to put you down, but do not let your determination to get affected by all these. Remember, everyone will invest money on the fastest horse but not on the horse that will last the longest.

Sardar Patel- If you want to accomplish any task, faith and strength are the key components

Sardar VallabhBhai Patel

When you will come to the functioning ground of your financial freedom, you will grasp two things. First, you will find out that your markets and your investments will not go according to your expectations. Be sure not to lose faith in yourself during those times. Secondly, to achieve the desired financial freedom, you will need more psychological strength than your physical strength. You will find that equities will hold more value in the long run other than any assets classes. Thus, if you want to embrace the financial freedom, you must take care of your equities. Or else, it will be hard for you. But keep one thing in mind that, equities are volatile in nature and you have to be psychologically strong with the persuasion in the influence of the equity.

Netaji Bose- No one will give you freedom, if you cannot grab it

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

The class of this freedom fighter was of different level. This archetypal approach, which he had adopted in his life, was the key reason behind his success. He was audacious enough to build an Indian National Army that shook the British government from the root. This lesson of proactive effort goes for your financial freedom as well. Only dreaming about the financial freedom is not enough, but you must give necessary efforts to it. You should treat your dream like a hope. A hope can be considered as a good breakfast, but when it comes to supper, hope will be considered as bad. Thus, to move towards your financial freedom, you must recognize your goal first. Then crush the maximum amount from your regular income and use them as an investment. It is guaranteed that you will get your financial freedom, but it depends on how much effort you can give.

Pandit Nehru- You cannot change your facts even if you donโ€™t like it

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Pragmatism is the first thing that will come to your mind if you are trying to relate the philosophies of our great freedom fighters with the existence of economy. Well, if you want to cherish the taste of success out of your investment, you 1st have to inject yourself with the true nature and the reality of a market. Or else, it will be hard for you to see the face of success as well as your financial freedom. If you can study the nature of market properly, no one can stop you from getting the desired financial freedom. Make sure of one thing that you donโ€™t have a control over the market. So, do not try to force yourself to take control over the market. Instead of that, try to take control over the reality. Shape your finance through systematic investment plans and extract the best that the market reality has to offer.

Sarojini Naidu- It needs more courage to live than to die

Sarojini Naidu

The nightingale of India has put forward a very significant lesson in front of us, through her golden words. It is not only a freedom related quote but also portrays a very significant financial lesson. Every one of us wants to earn a good amount of money and for that we use a huge amount of our intelligence and strategy. But sometimes, intelligence and strategy are not good enough to achieve the desired height of our financial freedom. And why you need financial freedom? Well, financial freedom is directly related to long term happiness and to achieve that you must need to have enough passion about happiness. Or else, it will be hard for you land in that coveted state. It will be impossible for you to reach the state of financial freedom, if you are pessimistic, dubious and sardonic about your life.

The quotes and the ideologies of the freedom fighters of India are astonishingly analogous to financial situation of our life. If you can extract all the philosophies from the quotes, it is guaranteed that you will achieve the desired financial freedom, which you are seeking for a very long time. The intense knowledge of our freedom fighters signifies the psychological asset of our country of that time. Thus, if you want to cherish your financial freedom, follow the above written ideologies of our freedom fighters.

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