Health Vs Wealth

Golden rules for health and wealth

Health Vs Wealth

Golden rules for health and wealth

Health and wealth are considered as the two most important aspects of a person’s life. A good health lets you work for a good wealth, and vice versa. Thus, it is always very important to keep these elements in life balanced so as to lead a healthy lifestyle.

As an individual, you can always keep your life fair by maintaining a sweet balance of both health as well as wealth. Below listed are the golden rules that help you to achieve both – a happy health as well as a wealthy wealth. These are the keys to happiness and overall well-being.

  1. Have an early start:

An early start is always considered to be a base to a healthy lifestyle. Waking up early in the morning has a number of benefits. The best benefit of getting up early in the morning is that it increases your life expectancy to a good level. Thus, start waking up early in the morning and follow a good routine in order to have an improved quality of life. You can even begin with 15 minutes earlier to start with.

Beginning to invest early in the life comes with a number of benefits. The power of compounding always works in your favor when you start putting early efforts in life. At the same time, this increases your ability to take higher risk in order to generate higher returns. This eventually improves your habit of spending and hence takes you a step ahead of everyone else. All these benefits of investing early always fuse together as to the creation of a higher wealth. Thus, an early start to both your health and wealth is always a good idea.

  1. Balanced always:

Food plays one of the most important roles to maintain your overall health. A balanced diet helps you to achieve all your health goals as it is rich in all kinds of minerals, vitamins, protein and various other minerals that help to keep your body and mind strong. Thus, it is always suggested to keep a balanced diet in order to maintain a healthy body weight and to gain optimum energy out of the food that you eat.

At the same time, there are a number of important decisions that you must make while deciding how to invest. A number of people put their focus on choosing the rich stock or getting into the market at the most apt time. But, the most vital and often overpowered decision in the life of an investor is the allocation of the assets. Asset allocation is considered to be the process where both the risks as well as rewards are balanced by the way of apportioning the assets of a portfolio like bonds, stocks and real estate. To keep it balanced has always been the key.

Health Vs Wealth

  1. Regularity:

A regularity in terms of your lifestyle is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle. A regular session of exercise is extremely important to maintain a good health as well as physical fitness. Exercise always reduces the risk of a number of illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. At the same time, exercise also improves the appearance of your body and delays the process of aging.

Regularity in terms of wealth is important as well. SIP or Systematic Investment Plan can help you to maintain the habit of saving regularly by the way of automatically deducting a decided amount from your personal bank account at a date set earlier. The biggest benefit of SIP is that it gives you discipline in terms of your investment and helps you with the process of saving. A regular practice of something good always brings you better results.

  1. Expert’s advice:

Experts are always helpful in terms of both your health and your wealth. A health expert or a doctor is considered to be the most important person that you would want to meet if you are likely to seek care for any kind of particular systematic illness or any health issue. For instance, heart diseases can be easily diagnosed and treated upon consulting a cardiologist and all kinds of brain disorders are treated if you consult a neurologist.

As far as an expert’s advice in the field of finance in concerned, a number of experts come forth to give you financial advice which you can easily utilize in order to keep your entire money management in place. The insurance agent in this context becomes an insurance advisor, at the same time, the chartered accountant becomes your wealth manager. All your friends and colleagues become your share market advisor. But of all these odds, there is one thing that you must always remember – the best financial advice can be obtained from a certified financial planner who can help you with each high as well as low of planning your finance and help you with the smooth financial management and planning. Thus, always seek the help of a financial expert in terms of all your queries regarding to money, stock, finances and various other financial machineries.

  1. Have patience:

One of the most important things in life that makes a person stronger and helps him keep going is the art of being patient. Patience has always been the key to a healthy lifestyle and a good health. Having patience can fight a number of odds happening to a body. For instance, whenever any sort of anger kicks into your body, your muscles start to feel tense, your brain starts creating negative scenario and the body starts to lose the chemistry with the brain. Patience thus comes forth as a remedy and fights off all these challenges that a body faces. Being calm at such situation always makes you healthier and wiser.

Similarly, in the field of money and finance, a number of investors face information explosion owing to the increasing trend of internet. Luckily, in the field of finance, less is always considered to be better if you are wanting to become a successful investor. Keep costs low, diversify broadly, rebalance periodically and be patient – this is what is being suggested by a number of financial gurus and experts to keep the money flowing into your business and of course, in your accounts.

  1. Protection is always important:

Vaccinating yourself against a number of illnesses is considered to be the first step of protection in terms of your health. Vaccination always protects you against a number of illnesses as well as infections. Upon skipping vaccines, your body tends to feel more vulnerable to infections. Thus, apart from eating good and exercising regularly, you must always get regular checkups and vaccines to maintain an overall good health. Vaccines are the most convenient and safest preventive measures in the present times.

Nothing protects your hard earned money better than insurance. Insurance is in fact considered to be the most important aspect of financial planning and you must never overlook the same. The most apt strategy which is often suggested by buying insurance is to buy a pure term insurance having an adequate cover. Insuring your property, money and assets always is very important. Thus, it is always suggested to protect your money by the way of insuring it against various mishaps and misfortunes.

  1. Periodic Review:

A periodic review of both health and wealth is extremely important to maintain a balanced and a happy life. Regular health checkup as well as tests can always help you to detect all the problems in your body even before they occur. They can also help you in finding out the problems early so that the chances of their treatment increase and you can cure yourself in a much better way. Thus, it is very important for you to take right health services, treatments and screening in order to keep a check on your lifestyle and overall health.

Likewise, keeping a regular check on all your personal finances is equally important to manage your funds and to keep them stable and balanced. You must always keep reviewing the things such as your goals, loans, insurances, bank accounts, investments, savings etc. in order to make sure that everything is falling in the place for you. At the same time, a periodic review always alerts you about an early financial problem, if any.


Follow these easy-peasy mantras of life and you would never complain about a bad health or a bad wealth in your life.


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